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Resources for health professionals

Helping older people to stay independent

We know you’re busy so we’ve pulled together some useful resources for you.

The TUG test 

The purpose of the Timed up and Go (TUG) test is to assess mobility.

  1. Wearing their regular footwear and walking aid if needed, the test begins with the older person sitting normally in a chair
  2. You then time them as they stand, walk three metres (10 feet), turn around, walk back to the chair and sit down again.

An older adult who takes ≥12 seconds to complete the TUG has a high risk of falling.

The stay independent toolkit for clinicians tells you more about the TUG test. 

Download the Stay Independent Toolkit for Clinicians booklet

New Zealand Hip Fracture Registry

Over 4,000 New Zealanders suffer from a hip fracture annually. The Hip Fracture Registry allows for better analysis of national data and improve quality and consistency of care after a hip fracture through the use of a set of key quality indicators.

Visit the Australia and New Zealand Hip Fracture Registry 

Reducing harm from falls programme

The Health Quality & Safety Commission's Reducing Harm from Falls programme focuses on older people receiving care, whether in hospital, residential care, or in their own home.

More about the Reducing Harm from Falls programme

Ask, Assess, Act

The Ask, Assess, Act resources developed by the Health Quality & Safety Commission for health professionals are popular and practical to use.

Various resources are available on the Health Quality & Safety Commission website including:

  • help sheet
  • pocket cards
  • posters.

Visit the Ask, Assess, Act page

10 Topics in reducing harm from falls

The Health Quality & Safety Commission has 10 topics in reducing harm from falls.These are learning activties for people who want to know how to prevent and reduce harm from falls in older people.

The 10 topics:


Download the All about Osteoporosis brochure

More information about Guidance on the diagnosis and management of Osteoporosis in New Zealand

Download the Bone Health Risk Factor Sheet


Stay Independent Toolkit for Clinicians

The Stay Independent Toolkit for Clinicians has helpful resources to encourage older people to self-assess their falls risk and follow with a conversation with their health professional.

The toolkit was adapted for the New Zealand setting by bpacnz. It is based on materials for Stopping Elderly Accidents Death and Injuries developed by the United States' Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Visit the Stay independent falls prevention toolkit for clinicians page

Other resources

The Ministry of Health's Healthy Ageing Strategy provides strategic direction for change and a set of actions to improve the health of older people.

More about the Healthy Ageing Strategy

The Ministry of Health's section on the health of older people tells you about the work their older people team is doing.

Visit the Health of Older People page

The Exercise Effectiveness Criteria booklet for health professionals and community group strentgh and balance programme providers. 

Download the Exercise Effectiveness Criteria booklet for community group strength and balance programme providers 

The Exercise Effectiveness Criteria booklet for health professionals and in-home strentgh and balance programmes providers. 

Download the Exercise Effectiveness Criteria booklet for in-home strength and balance programme providers

A range of resources to support you to live stronger for longer.

Go to the Live Stronger for Longer resources page

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