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Privacy when you browse our site

When you visit this website we’ll collect statistical information. Any personal information you provide will be kept private.

On this page

  1. statistical information we collect
  2. we'll keep your personal information secure
  3. check and correct the information we have about you
  4. if the information we have is incorrect
  5. contact us.

Statistical information we collect

We’ll collect statistical information from your visit. We use this information to make improvements to this website.

The information we collect includes:

  • your IP address
  • the search terms you use
  • the pages you access on our website and the links you click on
  • the date and time you visit the site
  • the site that directed you to our website, if any
  • your operating system (eg Windows, Mac)
  • the type of web browser you use (eg Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox).

We'll keep your personal information secure

You can choose to provide personal information, eg through online forms. We'll keep that personal information secure.

We'll only use that information to contact you if you've asked us to do so.

We don't share this personal information with any other third parties.

A person or organisation associated with one of our client's claims.

We don't collect visitor information from other sources, such as public records.

Relevant legislation

Section 279 of the Accident Compensation Act 2001

Part 9A of the Privacy Act 1993

The Information Privacy Principles

Check and correct the information we have about you

If you want to check personal information we have about you:

1. Contact us

See our contact details

2. Confirm your identity

You may need to verify your identity before we can give you access to this information. This could be by answering some questions or showing a photo ID at a local branch. 

3. We'll send you the information

We'll send you a copy of the personal information we keep about you within a month. This is free of charge.

If the information we have is incorrect

If you have accessed your information and it's incorrect, you can ask us to change it. 

1. Contact us 

See our contact details

2. We’ll respond and check your information

We’ll let you know when we’ve received your request. We’ll check your information with the original author.

3. We’ll contact you with our decision

If we’re holding incorrect information we’ll:  

  • update the information on your file 
  • send any changes to third parties
  • a person or organisation associated with one of our client's claims that received incorrect information  
  • let you know that we’ve made the change.

If we can’t make the change you’ve requested, we’ll: 

  • contact you and explain why we can’t make the change 
  • you can choose to provide a written statement of correction, which we’ll add to your file. This statement shows that you requested a change to your information, but that we haven’t made the change 
  • send the statement of correction to third parties who recently received the information
  • contact you to let you know what we’ve done.

This usually happens if there’s opinion-based information eg a medical assessment.

Contact us

To request access or a change to your information, contact:

Phone: 04 816 7400 (main ACC line)


If you have a question or concern about privacy, contact:




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